Understanding your core activities for a better response to your needs!

We can help you create impactful courses which are specifically tailored to your needs.


Faced with constantly changing health regulations and practices, teams in the pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, and health workers frequently have to update their skills and review their ways of working.

Specific technical processes, strict protocols, changing working environments… We offer customised training courses to help you deal with them quickly and effectively.

Industry and energy

The codes and constraints imposed by the industrial sector require highly specific expertise.

Thanks to the many customers we have supported since 1999 (Air France, RTE, Total, SNCF, Eurovia, among others), we are able to tailor our offerings and content to your company’s specific requirements: personalisation, confidentiality, technological challenges, regulations, deployment, command of specific terminology – we can handle these aspects and assist you with all your training projects.

Retail and services

Modernise your sales forces’ practices, update your teams’ knowledge of the latest business trends, teach new employees good habits, etc. These are just some of the challenges we can help you with to ensure you get the best from your teams.

Contact us and offer your collaborators all the power of digital learning!

ICT, telecoms and media

Training operators to install fibre, helping people learn how to use new tools, etc. Technology in the field of telecommunications is developing at such a pace that your teams are always having to adapt.

Follow the example of EDF and Orange, and let us create your training courses!


Actors in education, training and learning are constantly on the lookout for new methods. However, they are not simply looking for the “wow” factor.

As training professionals, you need high added-value content which engages your learners. Immersive learning, storytelling, blended learning… we’ve got the method you need!

Building and civil engineering

Accident prevention, health and safety are sensitive issues in your organisations. Furthermore, your working environments are not necessarily suitable for on-the-job training.

Have you considered using immersive technologies to deliver trouble-free safety training for your staff?

Thought about blended learning courses to support your staff throughout their careers?

Get in touch and find out how we can best meet your challenges!

Let us know your needs so we can work together to create the experiences you’re looking for!