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Speedernet devotes almost 20% of its turnover to R&D. This money is earmarked for the creation of accessible solutions which can transform the way you learn, teach, build upon and share knowledge.

create your immersive experiences yourself!

Virtual reality is developing at a rapid rate. Equipment, tools and practices are now making solutions and content based on this new method easily accessible.

Speedernet has been convinced about the benefits of immersive learning since 2014, and is at the forefront of this trend thanks to its Speedernet Sphere authoring tool.

Create your own immersive experiences with the most effective solution for your 360° virtual reality projects.

Immersive learning engages learners like no other method in the field of digital education. It transforms learners into actors in their own training by immersing them in enhanced and realistic environments.

embed content

Add your 360° panoramas, video, photos, etc.

create scenarios and enhance your content

Add interactivity and media


Disseminate your experience on all types of media

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Develop collaborative and informal learning with Sparks!


In these days of User-Generated-Content, create a knowledge-sharing culture, and promote the creation of knowledge networks and collective intelligence.

Your collaborators are doing it already, each time they send an email or instant message. With the solutions offered by Sparks, you can index and retrieve these resources.


Mobile learning, microlearning, video learning, social learning… why have to choose? With Speedernet Sparks, you can manage collaborative and informal learning in your company. The solution offers your collaborators a discussion space with all the collaborative network mechanisms you need.